What i do

I’m a freelance software developer and these are the technologies i use

  • Django web development;
  • Android, iOS, Xamarin Forms mobile development;
  • hosting web contents on Ubuntu Linux servers, automated and organized with Ansible;
  • long time user of Git for versioning, PHP (Lamp stack) for web development and Javascript for medium complex interactive interfaces;
  • my choice of desktop development is Java Swing;
  • web automation tasks with different tools (Casperjs, Curl, Selenium);
  • scripting (a mix of shell and scripting languages) to automate building, modification and creation of code, data and system operations;
  • in the last years i invested time and energy doing work related to the industry 4.0 needs, read more on this;

Contact me

To review my previous experiences or for more info, feel free to reach me on Linkedin